Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/25: Ced Tillman Hype, Staff Under Construction, and Avian Dreams (2024)


Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/25: Ced Tillman Hype, Staff Under Construction, and Avian Dreams (1)

Good morning, Cleveland Browns fans!

I can't avoid posting this. The Internet is a source of confusion - but also true clarity.

— Jan Kallberg, Ph.D. (@Cyberdefensecom) June 23, 2024

Change is a constant. There's no avoiding it. It often comes unbidden, as it did to the OBR and me this spring and summer.

Like most people, I'm not a fan of change and do everything possible to prevent it. I like stability, consistency and the "known." But sometimes, it's impossible to avoid, and when you can't, you must try your hardest to take advantage of it. Let's say I did what I could to keep things the same, but once that was proven impossible, I wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity to make changes and reboot some things around here.

And so we will. I wanted to be able to put everything in place before the season started, but the extent of the change is such that it will likely continue through Training Camp and into the start of the season. We will be changing our staff, our subscription content, our video offerings, our approach to social media and more. I'm counting on a good (or at least interesting) season by the Browns and a positive response by our visitors as I double down on the OBR's future.

Over the next five weeks, we will introduce you to a new staff member each week. Three will be dedicated to writing, and two will help us expand our video offerings. There are further plans beyond this, but I will hold those in reserve for now.

This week, Sam Penix will join the staff. Sam has been doing film reviews for a while but stopped for personal reasons a while ago. He decided to jump back in when we approached him about getting back into the game as a member of the OBR. He's not intended to "replace" anyone but to add to our mix of analysis and capability alongside our current staff and new additions. I think you'll find the new mix of writers and analysts we're adding will be enthusiastic about interacting with you on the forums and frequently post new articles to the front page. I ask that you give all our new contributors time and space to work their way into the OBR rotation.

Making all the changes we're inspired to make has given me new life and purpose as webdork-in-charge of the OBR. I'm inspired and energized, and I wake up every day ready to dive into something new. Of course, mixed with that enthusiasm is anxiety about whether what we're doing will work, but I'm fortunate to have awesome feedback via email and the forums with many of you. Those of you reading the site now, in mid-June, are some of our most loyal and dedicated members, and your feedback, in particular, is valued and desired.

Thanks for reading, and please take a moment to read Sam's first article when it arrives and welcome him to the site.


Martin Emerson Jr. leans into spirit of an eagle as he prepares for third season with the Browns - (

Alright, this title caught my attention. I thought this article would go in a completely different mystical direction. But to quote Steve Miller, Martin Emerson wants to fly high like an eagle, not necessarily to channel the avian predator's id. Still, here's a nice look at Emerson's background and status as he enters his third season, with a possibility of being a breakout star for the Browns as he's now on the national media's radar.

Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/25: Ced Tillman Hype, Staff Under Construction, and Avian Dreams (2)


Ranking AFC North rivalries from worst to best ahead of 2024 - (

A Steelers fan blog says the Browns-Steelers rivalry is "D-Tier" because the games have been low-scoring. That's it. Forget the mutual importance of the outcome of these games. They were boring beacuse the Browns had to use backup quarterbacks, and the games were dominated by defense. They just weren't thrilling to Steelerfan. I suspect this was just written to insult the Browns and Browns fans.

WARNING: Don't click this unless you have spare brain cells to sacrifice to the God of Insipid Content.


Extension Candidate: Browns LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah - (

Veteran Free-Agent Contracts Browns Must Consider Before Training Camp - (

People who don't track the Browns regularly have advice for Andrew Berry, which their editor asked them to write. Andrew Berry will not pay attention or even know that the advice exists. Fanbloggretators will write articles about the advice with titles like "Browns urged to sign this veteran free agent." People will find it via Google or syndication networks, click it, and have useless prattle injected into their brains.

The overall effect is much like you're getting here, except much more work because it involves clicking all over the internet in search of Browns news instead of getting all your useless prattle in one concentrated dose as I provide. I'm here to increase your productivity; never forget that. The OBR Daily Newswire is like the Nature's Balance pills for stupid. Just one article a day gives you all the stupid Browns non-news and pointless yammering you need.


1 Potential Breakout Player To Watch For All 32 NFL Teams Ahead of Training Camp - (
2024 NFL OTAs: Players who surprised us most at minicamp - ESPN - (

Cedric Tillman is to 2024 as Elijah Moore was to 2023? I hope not because Elijah Moore's 2023 was a disappointment compared to the pre-season hype. But there's no denying that the Ced Tillman hype train has left the station, as we get two more stories this morning talking about the wide receiver as a breakout candidate in 2024. The missing component here is Jerry Jeudy, who, along with Amari Cooper, will attract attention so that both Tillman and Moore can prosper in 2024. It all depends on Watson's play and his ability to read and react in the new Stefanski/Dorsey offense, as we and everyone else have been saying all off-season. But I like the potential.


'You need every piece to put it together': Kevin Stefanski's staff overhaul like a puzzle - (

Another nice piece from Chris Easterling of the Akron Beacon-Journal looks at how Kevin Stefanski has pieced together his new offensive staff and how the pieces fit together. Getting a bunch of good young minds working together and pulling as a unit will be key to the Browns success in 2024. Stefanski and the team are taking a chance with their competitive window by making all these changes in a single year, and it simply has to work, and give their quarterbacks a framework that fits their strengths. It's a bigger gamble than many give the team credit for, and whether it pays off will tell much of the story of 2024.


Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/25: Ced Tillman Hype, Staff Under Construction, and Avian Dreams (3)

Positive news from the world of sports and beyond...

China's Chang'e 6 probe will soon bring samples of the moon's far side to Earth — and scientists are getting excited - (

China returns samples from the moon's far side in historic 1st - (

I know that China and the United States are geopolitical rivals, but I always hope that the nature of space exploration is such that it brings countries and peoples together as we realize that we're really alone together on this planet. They've launched a mission to bring samples back from the dark side of the moon for the first time, and scientists are getting giddy with the prospect of getting a look at them, because scientists get giddy about stuff like that. And I get giddy about scientists getting giddy.


Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/25: Ced Tillman Hype, Staff Under Construction, and Avian Dreams (4)


Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/25: Ced Tillman Hype, Staff Under Construction, and Avian Dreams (5)

- (Jack)

Cleveland Browns Running Game Needs to Evolve Just as Much as Passing Game - (Pete)

Quarterback Analysis Looking Ahead at the Cleveland Browns QB Position and Statistical Projections for 2024 - (Fred)

Things I Think I Know About The Browns Deciphering Linebacker Depth Chart MJ Emerson Snubbing Must Stop - (Brad W)

Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/24: Contract Extension Advice, Watson Enthusiasm, and Motley Remembered - (Barry)


Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/25: Ced Tillman Hype, Staff Under Construction, and Avian Dreams (6)


willie mays

Is there anything worse than Swiss Steak?


Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/25: Ced Tillman Hype, Staff Under Construction, and Avian Dreams (7)

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Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 6/25: Ced Tillman Hype, Staff Under Construction, and Avian Dreams (2024)
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