The Fallout: How To Watch The Jenna Ortega Movie (2024)

The Fallout: How To Watch The Jenna Ortega Movie (1)

Every so often, a film comes out that holds a mirror up to society, reflecting the state of things in an unapologetically honest and, in some cases, very personal way. For this generation, that movie just might be The Fallout, which stars Wednesday cast lead Jenna Ortega as a young woman named Vada and follows her emotional journey after surviving a school shooting.

Also starring dancing sensation Maddie Ziegler as Mia — whom Vada grows close to after experiencing the tragedy together — the acclaimed feature-length debut of writer and director Megan Park is a challenging story to witness, but a very important one for how it sheds light on an increasingly common topic and its damaging impact. To learn where you can watch The Fallout streaming, and a bit about its rise in popularity on TikTok, read on.

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Where Is The Fallout Streaming?

The Fallout had its official premiere in March 2021 at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, where — per Variety — it won both the grand jury and audience awards. Less than a year later, after Warner Bros. acquired distribution rights, the film was released exclusively on HBO Max. As is the case with all titles on the streaming platform, an HBO Max subscription is required to watch.

Stream The Fallout on HBO Max.

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Where Else Can I Watch The Fallout Online?

While The Fallout may be an HBO Max original movie, the streaming platform is not the only place where it is available to watch online. For instance, it can be streamed by adding the HBO Max premium channel your existing subscription to Amazon Prime Video, where the movie can also be bought for $19.99. The film is also is available to purchase on demand on Vudu for the same price, on Redbox for $16.99, or on Google Play for $14.99.

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How The Fallout Has Gotten A Boost In Popularity From TikTok

Nearly a year since it dropped on HBO Max, The Fallout has still remained a trending topic online — and not just because of its grounded, authentic commentary on real-world subject matter. The film has also attracted the attention of TikTok users who have turned it into a viral sensation of sorts. Some of the most popular videos involving The Fallout highlight its unsettling themes, as well as celebrate its centerpiece romance between Vada and Mia, and even simply show appreciation for its leading star, Jenna Ortega.

There were several movies released in 2022 that would prove to show the world a new side of Jenna Ortega’s exceptional talents, including three horror movies — namely the fifth installment of the Scream movies franchise, Ti West’s A24-produced thriller X, and the satirical American Carnage. Yet, those who have seen it would agree that The Fallout sees the rising star give one of her most realistic and powerful performances yet. See for yourself by watching the award-winning drama online using any of the options above.


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