All the Best Fast-Food Deals for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day (2024)

Two significant events are happening next week—the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day. Restaurants and delivery services will compete for your business on these big days by offering great deals on orders. Here are some of the best deals we’ve found to help you decide where to order.

2024 Food Deals for the Super Bowl


All the Best Fast-Food Deals for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day (1)

Applebee's offers 20 free boneless wings with any $40 carryout or delivery purchase placed through Applebee's mobile app or website. To redeem the offer, valid only during the Super Bowl on Feb. 11, use the promo code BIGGAME24 at checkout.

Buffalo Wild Wings

If the Super Bowl goes into overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings will offer everyone in America one free order of six boneless or traditional wings. Guests can redeem the offer on Monday, Feb. 26, from 2-5 p.m., local time. The offer is available for dine-in and in-person takeout only.


All the Best Fast-Food Deals for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day (2)

Carvel offers $5 off Carvel Game Ball Cakes when ordering from DoorDash, Grubhub, or Uber East, Feb. 9-11.


Order through DoorDash and receive $5 off a $20+ purchase (DashPass users will receive $8 off a $20+ purchase) on orders placed on the DoorDash app from Feb. 9-11.


All the Best Fast-Food Deals for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day (3)

The pizza chain is offering a limited-time deal on its Perfect Combo: two medium one-topping pizzas, 16 Parmesan Bread Bites, eight Cinnamon Bread Twists, and a two-liter bottle of co*ke, all for just $19.89. From Feb. 7-11, use the coupon code 1387 to score the deal.


On Feb. 11, order through Grubhub for the following deals without using a promo code.

  • $7 off $25+ at Little Caesar’s
  • $5 off $25+ at KFC
  • 50 percent off turkey and provolone subs on orders worth $25+ at Jersey Mike’s
  • $7 off $30+ at Pizza Hut

Little Caesars

Pre-register on the Little Caesars app for Little Caesars’ Slices-N-Stix Super Bowl Trigger Promotion to receive a free Slices-N-Stix if a pick 6 (when the defense intercepts a pass thrown by the offense and returns it for a touchdown) occurs in this year’s game. You must make a purchase to pre-register. Redeem the free Slices-N-Stix by Feb. 26 with a code sent through the app.

A Slices-N-Stix is four slices of pepperoni, bacon, or jalapeño pizza combined with eight Italian Cheese Stix plus Crazy Sauce.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

On Feb. 10 and 11, Moe’s is offering its rewards members 20 percent off any Meal Kit, excluding taxes and fees. The offer is not valid with any other offer or third-party delivery.


Order through DoorDash and get a free order of 12 wings on Super Bowl Sunday with any order of $15 or more from Popeyes in your flavor of choice. DoorDash Dashpass holders can upgrade the offer to a free 12-piece combo with any $15 order.

Sonic Drive-In

All the Best Fast-Food Deals for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day (5)

Sonic’s app users will receive a unique code on Feb. 8 that they can redeem from Feb. 8-11 for a BOGO deal on Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites. The offer is available online or in person.

TGI Fridays

Dine in at TGI Fridays any time on Feb. 11 and get 50-cent boneless or traditional wings with the sauce of your choice. The restaurant will also offer an all-day Happy Hour with$2 beers, $4 co*cktails, and $5 glasses of wine.


Wendy’s celebrates the 40th anniversary of its iconic “Where’s the Beef” commercial that debuted during the 1984 Super Bowl by giving away free Dave’s Big Singles from Feb. 5-12. The offer must be redeemed through Wendy’s app, and there is no required purchase to redeem.

2024 Valentine’s Day Food Deals


On Valentine’s Day, those who dine in can “sip into love” with Applebee’s Smoocho Sips:

  • $4 Mai—A non-alcoholic twist on a mai tai featuring passion fruit and a blend of pineapple, lime, and orange.
  • $5 Tipsy Cupid Mucho co*cktail–A vodka lemonade with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, triple sec, strawberry, premium lemon sour, and garnished with gummi red lips.
  • $6 Blue Moon Brewtus Draft—A witbier that will have you “over the moon.”


Order through Grubhub and get BOGO free burritos from Chipotle, no promo code needed. Or, get a free Queso Blanco when you order through the Chipotle app or site with the promo code QUESO24.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Through Feb. 14, Moe’s is offering a free new Blazin’ Birria Taco with any purchase.

Panera Bread

All the Best Fast-Food Deals for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day (7)

Starting on Feb. 14 for a limited time, MyPanera members can take 20 percent off Panera's You Pick Two menu. Customers can select two from the following items:

  • Cup of Soup or Mac
  • Half Salad
  • Half Sandwich
  • Toasted Baguettes
  • Chef's Chicken Sandwich
  • Pizza
  • Warm Bowl

The deal also comes with a side item choice of chips, an apple, or a French baguette.

P.F. Chang's

P.F. Chang's wants to mend the broken hearts of the recently dumped by offering free DUMPlings starting Feb. 7.Text CHANGSDUMPLINGS to 855-697-6181 along with a break-up story or screenshot to receive instructions on how to redeem the offer for six free shrimp or pork dumplings in the restaurant or by delivery.

Shake Shack

All the Best Fast-Food Deals for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day (8)

On Valentine's Day, Shake Shacks in seven cities will transform into upscale "Love Shacks"
offering a VIP experience to enjoy the restaurant's new, limited-time swicy (sweet and spicy) and umami menu items. On Feb. 14 only, the Love Shacks are offering reservations for the ultimate date night or friends' night out, complete with table service, real plates and glassware, candles, floral arrangements, and two prix fixe tasting menus for either an $80 prix fixe "Swicy Date Night" for two or $160 prix fixe "Umami Dinner Party" for two dining experience.

For those not near a Love Shack location, Shake Shack has a BOGO offer on its Korean BBQ Burger or Korean-style Fried Chicken Sandwich when ordered through the restaurant's website or app. The offer begins nationwide on Feb. 7.

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays offers those who dine in the restaurant a Sweetheart Special for Two for $50 (excluding tax and gratuity) from Feb. 6-19. The special, three-course meal for two includes one appetizer, two entrées, and a dessert to share. Guests can also purchase certain bottles of wine for half off.

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All the Best Fast-Food Deals for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day (2024)
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